John Sheldon

by Brian George

Published by The Pen & Pencil Gallery

170 x 240mm

48 pages

150 colour and black and white


ISBN 978-0-9562711-0-5

Softback £10

Review by David Shepherd

Writing Equipment Society


    John Sheldon was a modest Birmingham toymaker, who invented products which were used all over the world.

Brian George's book traces the life of John Sheldon from his humble beginnings as a small toymaker in 1821 to his death in 1863. It is a Victorian success story from a small 'home-manufactory' in Lichfield Street to a significant presence at The Great Exhibition in The Crystal Palace in 1851 and with even greater diversification afterwards.


John Sheldon


We are given a background of Birmingham as it was in the late 18th century and a brief summary of how and why it became such an important indus­trial centre for small arms, brassware, steel nibs, pencil cases, silver and gold objet de vertu, jewellery and trinkets.

Religion is intertwined with indus­trial practice and early application of advertising and overseas market development is an important part of the story.

For collectors, the book will provide information on pocket scales for postal and coinage enthusiasts and for writing enthu­siasts the sections on registered designs, with illustrations, will broaden the appreciation of pocket companions and travelling compendia, called 'escritoirs' by Sheldon.

It is a story of the development of a modest family business and a reference booklet. Brian George is to be comple­mented for publishing his dedicated collection of facts and data on John Sheldon. His passion for John Sheldon presents us with an example of a Victorian entrepreneur, who has left a heritage of novel and fascinating items for today's collectors. If you have not previously heard of John Sheldon and his 'pocket telescope letter balance' or his 'patent unique pocket companion1 or his 'patent pocket escritoir' then this booklet at a modest price of £10 will fascinate you.



Le livre de Brian George retrace la vie de John Shelton, petit fabricant de jouets à Birmingham, depuis les modestes débuts de son entreprise familiale sur Lichfield Street en 1821 jusqu’à sa mort en 1863. L’auteur nous présente un aperçu de la vie à Birmingham à la fin du 18ème siècle et résume les raisons pour lesquelles la ville connut un tel essor industriel dans divers domaines d’activité. Outre l’invention de balances de précision pour la pesée du courrier et des monnaies, l’ouvrage donne dans sa section objets d’écriture, l’inventaire des créations de ce fabricant original. Si vous n’avez jamais entendu parler de John Sheldon, de son pèse-lettre télescopique ou de son écritoire de poche, ne manquez pas de vous procurer cette plaquette vendue 10£ (environ 12 €).

 John Sheldon 5


 Liste des plumes marquées J SHELDON’S  :

 John Sheldon 4

Price £10 plus Postage UK £l, Europe £2, Rest of World £3. Payment by PayPal to Email address, or cheque (£, € or $ )

Contact :

Brian George, 32 The Ridings, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5JJ, UK Telephone 01372 726320 

Email : george@bands232.fsnet.co.uk



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Excellent presentation, eye catching and informative. I look forward to reading future insertions

Écrit par : brian george | 28/01/2010

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...excellent et que de travail pour disposer de sources intéressantes, ....en bref; franchement beau et étoffé, bravo!

Écrit par : marylène | 29/01/2010

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