* Précisions sur la boîte MacNiven & Cameron

Dans une note précédente, nous présentions une grande boîte métallique et nous interrogions sur son contenu :


Merci à Michael Woods qui nous a communiqué un dépliant apportant toutes les précisions.

 " I have a mint version of this tin, still wrapped in its original cardboard protective sleeve.

 When opened it contains a dozen tins of Waverley nibs and a leaflet – a copy of which is attached.


The box is a multi-purpose tin and was used to market a dozen tins of Waverley, Hindoo or Blue Wing – all of which are illustrated on the transfer on the outside of the large tin. A label was pasted on the end of the tin to signify what it contained. Predictably mine reads “12 BOXES WAVERLEY Each tin contains 144 pens” 

Each of the small tins of 144 pens is bound with a paper label as shown in the advertisement. I hope that is a useful addition to your blog. "





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